What Does a Web Designer Do?

Website Designer

Your website designer will help you determine the message you want to put forward, as well as define your audience and how you want them to perceive you. She will also work with you to determine the colors of your site, the page layout, graphics, the navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another. Additionally, you may desire advanced features such as flash photo galleries, secure forms, e-commerce, etc. She may also do the actual computer programming and graphic art work for the site, or may hire out that work to a programming specialist.

Website Programmer

In many cases, the Web Designer is also a programmer, but if not your Web Designer will work with a programmer who takes the design from the Website Designer and creates the code to make the site run. The Website Programmer is also responsible for all the technical stuff that happens behind-the-scenes to make sure the site works properly for your visitors.

Graphic Designer

Your website designer may also be a graphic designer or work closely with a graphic designer to create the graphics for the site including page layout, colors, etc.

Search Engine Optimizer(SEO)/Internet Marketing Consultant

Helps you to determine how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy, and how to get more traffic and sales from your website. To read more about SEO, click here. Your website is crucial to the success of your business. Jamie Braman Web Design can do the work you want, is willing to really listen to you, can create a site that professionally reflects you and your business, and will keep within your budget and timeframe. If you'd like to talk with Jamie about your professional website design planning and process, please contact us.
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