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So what does all of this mean?

Ok. So now you have the best-looking site and it delivers a strong message to potential clients. The question to now ask is, "can people find it?" If you have a classy boutique at the end of a dead end street and no one knows you're there, you might as well close your shop.

How do potential clients know you now have a super great website?

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure your clients can find you on the web. In a nutshell, if you've ever "Googled" and were searching for a business or a service, etc., you've gone to and entered a word or a phrase in the search field and then a page opened with a list of websites. The website in the first position on the page (or even the second or third position) is most likely the website you clicked on. The object is for YOUR website to be on the first page and even more desirable, to be in the first position on that first page.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure your website appears on the first page of Google and even more desirable, in the first position on the first page.

There aren’t a lot of other website designers who understand the complex process of implementing all of the components of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign. I do! I have a solid grasp and understanding of SEO concepts. For many years, SEO comprised about 50% of my business. I had extraordinary success and many of my clients' websites were not only on the first page of Google, but many made it to the #1 position, as well. Today, I use my knowledge of SEO to provide my website clients with (SEF) Search Engine Friendly websites. I build websites within a very strong SEF framework. Because of my experience building a solid architecture, understanding visitor usability, knowing the importance of using the strongest keywords (and where to place them) and having a basic understanding of how the search engines spider/index websites, your website will be built with a very strong SEF framework.

Why is building a (SEF) Search Engine Friendly website important?

When your website is developed to be as search engine friendly as possible, your SEO company can then begin the work of actually optimizing the site to obtain the best position, as well as to get traffic for your important keywords. At this point, your SEO company has the ball and it’s their job to run with it.

Here is what I offer you with my Search Engine Friendly, Optimized content:

  • Keyword AnalysisFinding the correct keywords your clients are using to find your services/products
  • Content DevelopmentI will help you create pages which are dense in keywords which fit your chosen keyword description
  • Content Structure - I will choose a strong Title for the Browser Title Bar for each of your pages, your site will have an XML sitemap, a strong URL structure, internal links, properly placed H1 tags (are you confused yet?), images with ALT tags and descriptions, and much more...
  • Collaboration with your chosen SEO company
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